Our Story

Established in 2008 and officially recognized as a 501c3 non-profit in 2010, Best Buddy Pet Rescue is dedicated to the well-being of animals. As of 2023, we have successfully rescued and cared for over 4,000 cats and dogs. These animals, often deprived of essential medications or abandoned, found sanctuary with us, escaping the confines of neglect and ending up in animal control shelters.

Our mission is twofold: to save as many animals as possible and to prevent their entry into shelters altogether. While the majority of our rescues originate from shelters, we also welcome owner surrenders and actively contribute to trap-neuter-return programs, particularly in the case of feral kittens. At Best Buddy Pet Rescue, we steadfastly refuse to abandon mothers, ensuring that every animal in our care receives the comprehensive medical attention it deserves.

A 100% foster and volunteer-based initiative, we boast a team of dedicated individuals committed to our cause. Operating without paid employees, our organization relies entirely on the generosity of public donations. Together, we strive to create a compassionate community that champions the welfare of our furry friends.

Numerous litters of kittens arrive at the rescue at a tender age, finding refuge in foster homes where they can be nurtured until they reach the suitable age for adoption. One such adorable group, along with their mother, entered our care when they were merely 4 days old.

The rescue extends its reach beyond shelter rescues, actively responding to community needs. This adorable companion became part of our rescue as a young adult, as his owner faced significant health challenges.